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AAC Conductor

AAC Conductors are made out of Hard drawn EC Grade (min 61% IACS) Aluminium wires stranded in successive layers in opposite direction to form the Aluminium stranded AAC Conductor up to 61 wires.

All Aluminium Conductors are manufactured from electrolytically refined aluminium. They have a high level of purity; the minimum accepted level of aluminium is 99.7%. This product is also known as aluminium stranded conductor, as it is constructed of one or more strands of aluminium wire depending on the intended usage. As a consequence of this high level of purity, AAC Conductors are mainly used in areas where spacing is short and supports are close.

Key Benefits :
All aluminium bare conductors are used for aerial distribution lines having relatively short spans, aerial feeders and bus bars of substations.


ASTM - B 231 Metric Units
ASTM - B 231
TS IEC 1089
DIN 48201
BS 215
UNE 21.018