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AAAC Conductor

AAAC Bare Conductor  or All Aluminium Alloy Conductor, is used as a bare overhead conductor for power transmission and distribution lines. AAAC conductor are made out from aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy of high electrical conductivity (min 53% IACS) containing magnesium (0.6-0.9%) & silicon (0.5-0.9%) to give it better mechanical properties after treatment. AAAC conductors are made out of aluminum alloy 6201. AAAC conductor has a better corrosion resistance and better strength to weight ratio and improved electrical conductivity than ACSR conductor on equal diameter basis.


ASTM - B 399 Metric Units
ASTM - B 231
TS IEC 1089
DIN 48201
BS 215
UNE 21.018

Key Benefits :

, High tensile strength as compared to AAAC conductor.

, Higher conductivity as compared to ACSR conductor.

, Better corrosion resistance than ACSR conductor.

, Physical Contents of Alluminium Alloy :
Density :

, Coefficient of Linear Expansion : 23 x 10-6 / C

, Resistivity : 0.0326 Ohms mm2/m at 20C

, Constant Mass Temperature Coefficient (a) : 0.00360/ C

, Material : Heat treated Al. Mg. Si. Alloy   2.70 kgm/dm3 at 20C