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Low Voltage cable with PVC insulated and sheath is used as power distribution and transimssion line at rated voltage 0.6/KV which can be fixed installed.

Operating Characteristc

1)The long-term working tempeture of cable should be not higher than 70 degree.

2)When core is in short-circuit (Max. 5s), the tempeture should not exceed 100 degree.

3)While installation the ambient tempeture should not be lower than o degree, and bending radius should not be less than 10 times of outer diameter.


 PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable (VV) with steel wire or steel armor Cable.

 For laying in doors, inducts and in tunnels, but unable to bear pulling force and pressure.


1. Long-run working temperture of PVC insulted cables can not be higher than 70 Degree. The temperature for wiring the cables can not be lower than 0 Degree.

2. Cores:1,2,3,3+1,3+2,4,4+1,5